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March 21
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Telling a Story.


Misu and the Guardian of the Spring

In a world of enchantment, Misu lives in her own space and time, her vivid imagination guiding her every step. When she discovers her hidden powers and embarks on a journey to restore balance to the natural world, she uncovers the legacy of her late grandfather and the true potential of her abilities. Journey with Misu through a realm filled with mystery and magic, as she connects with her family's past and the bonds she forms along the way. Accompanied by her furry companion Kobi, Misu discovers strength in her differences and inspires others to embrace their own unique abilities. Join Misu on her quest to save her world from darkness and chaos, uniting with the seasonal spirits and unlocking the full potential of her elemental powers.

Through exploration, community events, and challenging obstacles, you'll discover Misu's journey and how her vivid imagination helps her see things in a different light.Misu and the Guardian of Spring is a part of the wider story of MURI, inviting you to join Misu on her journey through a world of magic and mystery. As you explore this enchanting realm alongside Misu, you'll discover the power of imagination and the importance of community, unlocking the full potential of your abilities and becoming a part of a larger story that spans many lifetimes.Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let yourself be swept away on the journey of a lifetime.

Welcome to Fabrik, I'm Thomas, the founder, and I'm thrilled to take you along on our journey to revitalize Muri, a cornerstone project that embodies our mission to create value by connecting people worldwide through the transformative power of art, fashion, and storytelling. This exciting initiative has been met with enthusiasm, as we aspire to establish Fabrik as a leading platform for creative expression, collaboration, and education in the web3 space, with Muri becoming one of the most captivating ways to share stories. To successfully reboot Muri, I've focused on making strategic adjustments within Fabrik.

My approach includes assembling a core team, attracting investors, collaborating with artists, and working with skilled contractors. These strategies have reinvigorated our organization and paved the way for an exciting new chapter in its history. Reflecting on my journey with Fabrik, I recognize that there are moments in my past I wish I could change. Although this is impossible, I will strive to make amends and repair trust for those I hurt along the way. By acknowledging unkept promises and taking steps to fulfill them, I aim to demonstrate my commitment to our community. This sense of responsibility has led me to concentrate not only on rebooting Muri but also on fostering growth, learning, and collaboration within Fabrik. My dream is to create a space where creatives can come together to share their passions and ideas within the web3 environment. As we move forward with Muri and other projects, my intention is to showcase Fabrik's dedication to driving positive change within the creative community. As our organization grows and evolves, our commitment remains steadfast in uniting people worldwide through the power of art, fashion, and storytelling.

a note from thomas