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Enter Fashion.


An experience from Fabrik by the artist Haku created exclusively for communities holding Hausphases and Haku Garden.

Customize your character the way you want.

Our goal is to utilize new and existing collaborations with known fashion brands to create a memorable experience through an NFT collection.Once the base character is revealed, access to swapping out items of clothing to fit your style will be made available. Some items will be available immediately by opening the first crate, a free airdrop for those who minted.

Additional crates will be available as airdrops or to purchase, with items inside ranging from common to legendary. We will also provide access for holders of certain NFT collections to claim special traits made in collaboration with projects and brands

Pioneering web3.

Our first project started in December 2021 with Haus. Soon after the mint we realized our ecosystem had potential to grow exponentially, so we founded a collective named Fabrik.

After Haus we launched our 2nd project under the Fabrik collective; an anime driven project called Muri. With Muri we achieved early success, gaining volume of $41m to date. As we’re learning through the process of building these two projects and pushing through some of their growing pains, our goals of innovating in the web3 space are still being realized and built. Bear or bull, fud or praise, we’re doing our best to stay the course. We want to continue this trend with Niwa, by exploring as well as introducing new features in web3. Starting with a customizable character, we plan to introduce weekly crates with lucky loot, a game where you can explore islands, rooms where you can meet friends, and much more. What started out as ‘the PFP for Haus,’ this collection has outgrown its initial goal into a truly interactive and eventful NFT-Project.

Similar to social simulation games such as Animal Crossing, NIWA will also introduce a mechanism involving purchasing customizable traits using our very own Haus-tokens. Every NIWA is born unique, and now you can make them even more so. So what are you waiting for?Join the garden now!